DAFOH Founders and Organizers

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH)

DAFOH is founded and organized by medical doctors of various specialties from all over the world. Full membership is intended for medical doctors and medical professionals who recognize the necessity to stop the practices of illegal organ harvesting and will be granted after approval. Non-medical professionals can sign in as supporters. Membership is free and can be applied via email to [email protected] or by using the online Membership Application Form.

Mission Statement

  • Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting is an organization founded by medical doctors to voluntarily serve the medical community, as well as society. The organization shall be independent and free.
  • Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting will respect the dignity of human beings and promote the highest ethical standards in medicine. Reference points for these standards are the Hippocratic Oath, the Declaration of Geneva, the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Declaration of Istanbul.
  • Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting aims to provide the medical community and society with objective findings of unethical and illegal organ harvesting. Forced organ harvesting, the removal of organs from a donor, without obtaining prior free and voluntary consent, is considered a crime against humanity, as well as a threat to medical science in general.
  • Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting has been chartered as a contribution to mankind to protect ethical medical practices that further human dignity.

Leadership Team

Torsten Trey, MD, PhD
Executive Director

Harold King, BDS Msc
Deputy Director

G. Weldon Gilcrease III, MD
Deputy Director

Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD, FACS
Global Director for AI Strategies in Ethical Transplant Practices

Adnan Sharif, MD


Deborah Perrica, MS, CNS, APRN
Director, Nursing Affairs

Jennie Sheeks
Director of Communications

Eric J. Goldberg, MD
Director of Medical Affairs

Alejandro Centurion, MD
Associate Director of Medical Affairs

Gina Sturdza, MBA
Director of Business Development

Jessica Russo, PsyD
Mental Health Adviser

Clive M. Ansley, BA, MA, LL.B, LL.M
Legal Counsel


Andreas Weber, Physician
DAFOH Representative, Germany

Sophia Bryskine
Delegate for Australia

David Cordero, MD
Delegate for South-America

Dana Churchill, N.M.D.
Delegate for U.S. West Coast

Advisory Board

Ghazali Ahmad,
MD, former Senior Consultant and Head Department of Nephrology Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Chairman of National Renal Registry, former Head of Nephrology Services, Ministry of Health,
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Ashley Baquero,
MD, FACS, Transplant Surgeon, President Dominican Transplant Institute, Past President of the Society of Transplantation of Latin America and Caribbean (STALYC), Member of the Task Force for Patient Affairs of DICG, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Charl Els,
MD, Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Psychiatry, Edmonton, CANADA

Maria A. Fiatarone Singh,
MD, FRACP, Professor of Medicine, John Sutton Chair of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Sydney, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Srećko Gajović,
MD, PhD, Director of the Department for Histology and Embryology, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Head of the Section for Neurogenetics, Cytogenetics and Developmental Genetics at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, Zagreb, CROATIA

Christopher B. Hughes,
MD, Surgical Director, Liver Transplantation, Starzl Transplantation Institute, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Jacob Lavee,
MD, past president, Israel Transplantation Society,
Professor of Surgery, Director, Heart Transplantation Unit, Deputy Director, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Leviev Heart Center, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, ISRAEL

Huige Li,
MD, PhD, Professor and Deputy Director of Department of Pharmacology, Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, Mainz, GERMANY

Joshua Li,
MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research, Department of Orthopedic Surgery,
University of Virginia, USA

J. Wallis Marsh,
MD, Professor of Surgery, Liver Transplantation and Surgical Oncology,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Narinder Mehra,
MD, Professor and Head of Department of Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics (AIIMS),
New Delhi, INDIA

Damon Noto,
MD, Interventional Pain Specialist, NY, USA

Alexander H. Toledo,
MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA