State Organs Matas Trey Cover
State Organs – Transplant Abuse In China. Edited by David Matas and Dr. Torsten Trey

China’s organ transplant numbers are second only to the United States. Unlike any other country, virtually all Chinese organs for transplants come from prisoners. Many of these are prisoners of conscience. The killing of prisoners for their organs is a plain breach of the most basic medical ethics. State Organs explores the involvement of Chinese state institutions in this abuse.

The book brings together authors from four continents who share their views and insights on the ways to combat these violations. State Organs aims to inform the reader and hopes to influence change in China to end the abuse.

State Organs has been published at Seraphim Editions.

“It seems to me that I cannot control what goes on in China. … But, we can control what goes on among ourselves. We can control what goes on in our journals, our meetings, our events, and our conferences. This is ours. At least we can control what goes on in our media.”
– Gabriel Danovitch, MD

“Organs that are harvested unethically or criminally will yield clinical trial data that is criminal or unethical.”

– Eric Goldberg, MD

“The ultimate responsibility for the ethics of transplantation is the transplant team. They have to verify that consent was obtained. They have to verify that the person did voluntarily give that organ up. They can’t say they don’t know where the organ came from. They can’t say they don’t care where the organ came from.”

– Arthur Caplan, PhD


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