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Letter from the Editor, Ann F Corson, MD

Monday June 4, 2018 is the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre of university students by the Chinese military. The Chinese regime officially denies that the event ever happened and continues to prevent its citizens from accessing any information regarding the slaughter of unarmed protestors.  The official version available online to the Chinese people claims that not one single student was shot.  If the Chinese government so blatantly continues to deny a past travesty that the rest of the world knows is factual (just google "Tiananmen Square massacre 1989"), how can Western doctors, healthcare officials and religious leaders believe unsubstantiated statements made by quasi-government representatives about China’s transplant system?

In this edition of the DAFOH newsletter we see that parliamentarians and academicians around the world are deepening their understanding of the deceit and lies being promulgated by Chinese transplant officials.  We also see that transplant tourism continues to flourish in China despite claims to the contrary made by Chinese delegates at the Vatican in February 2017. 

I hope that our readers are as struck as I am by the cognitive dissonance created by the gap in understanding between those who objectively examine the evidence of transplant abuse in China and those who blindly believe the conjured up fantasies of a regime that has, since its inception, held truth in the lowest esteem.

Interview with South Korean TV Chosun’s Investigative Reporters

Last month, DAFOH had the opportunity to interview two members of the production unit from the South Korean news channel, TV Chosun. Last fall, the channel aired a documentary exposing ongoing transplant abuse in China.  The investigative team traveled to mainland China pretending to purchase an organ for a fictitious relative and were able to obtain first hand footage of a well-run organ transplant brokerage operation at a prominent hospital that oversees thousands of transplants a year. We met with writer Shin Duho (above left) and director Kim Hyeoncheol (above right) to ask them about their experience.

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US legislators continue to voice opposition to China’s transplant practices

In response to eye witness testimony and evidence compiled over the last twelve years, a spate of US state resolutions and US federal legislation have recently been passed or introduced that call for an end to China’s forced organ harvesting practices. 

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Legislators and academics around the world hear updates on China’s organ harvesting crimes

Leading experts on China's transplantation crimes continue to urge lawmakers and educators to take the necessary steps to end the killing of innocent people. Prominent researchers on the subject, such as human rights lawyer David Matas, say the Chinese government needs ostracism, not engagement. Journalist and fellow researcher Ethan Gutmann states it is time to stop talking about how forced organ harvesting could be happening and instead take action to publicly condemn and stop this atrocious crime. After twelve years of data that confirms the Chinese government is making a huge profit by murdering its own citizens, eye witness testimony, numerous hearings, panel discussions and several documentaries, isn’t it time to say enough is enough? 

Plastination Exhibits Continue to Generate Controversy

Since exhibits of plastinated human remains began touring the world nearly 15 years ago, controversy has raged over the sources of the corpses used to create the specimens and whether appropriate consent had been obtained from these individuals and/or their families.  The recent opening of such an exhibit in Sydney, Australia reignited outrage from those who claim the bodies may be those of Chinese prisoners of conscience, primarily Falun Gong practitioners, either tortured to death or murdered during organ harvesting.

CCP Propaganda Persists Despite Ongoing Evidence to Contrary

It is time for those who have aligned themselves with the Chinese mode of transplantation to accept the reality of China’s ongoing harvesting of organs from non-consenting prisoners. Those who continue to deny this reality are culpable as accessories to genocide.

US trade in body parts signals concern over ethical misconduct and collusion

While strict standards are in place for the US organ transplant industry, ethical appropriation of the human body and body parts is not well regulated. There are no federal and few state laws governing the sale or lease of cadavers or body parts for use in research or education. Almost any person, regardless of training, can dissect and sell human body parts. As a result, a covert industry of “body brokers” has grown throughout the US. Without legal implications or consequences, pathways to ethical violations and criminal actions are wide open. Last October, Reuters completed a yearlong investigation that resulted in an eight-part series on America’s body trade, a little-known and virtually unregulated industry.

News in Review
  • Human rights attorney David Matas addressed transplant faculty/students at the University of Pennsylvania

  • DAFOH member Sophia Bryskine interviewed by the Sydney Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • United Kingdom Parliament members Jim Shannon and Fiona Bruce co-hosted briefing on forced organ harvesting 
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