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Unusual Course of Organ Donation Registry Numbers in China

On April 2, 2014, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) organ donation registry ( went online. Periodically, the website of the Organ Donation Administrative Center publishes the total numbers of registered organ donors, organ donations and transplants. The very first numbers were dated on April 7, 2014 with 21,731 registered organ donors, 1,622 organ donations and 4,413 transplants. According to the deputy director of the RCSC Organ Donation Administrative Center, the data covers the period starting from March 2010, when the donation trial program started. This claim has not been verified. DAFOH has monitored the numbers published on the website for 18 months. The counters on the website are not updated on a regular, fixed schedule. They usually stay unchanged for a couple of weeks before a new set of numbers show up suggesting that these counters are manually updated.

This chart shows the course of data over 18 months and includes data from registered donors, persons who actually donated organs and the numbers of performed transplants.

The actual numbers that were monitored and recorded from the website of the Organ Donation Administrative Center are compiled in this table.

The only occurrence when the data was updated within two consecutive days was on December 30, 2015 and December 31, 2015. The significant change on December 31, 2015 was that 25,000 registered organ donors were added within one day and that the number was exactly 25,000.




Background info:

March 2010: Donation trial program started in 10 selected provinces

2/25/2013: Official start of the nationwide donation program

3/19/2014: National Health and Family Planning Commission and District 3450 of Rotary International established a national electronic donor registry There is no counter on this site.

4/2/2014: RCSC Organ Donation website went online This website has the counters.


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