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(Remarks prepared for an International Academic Forum conference on arts, media and culture, Kyoto, Japan, October 20, 2022) by David Matas This paper is intended as a contribution to the International Academic Forum Innovation and

Forced Organ Harvesting from Living People – Past, Present, Future Sixteen years ago, the international community was made aware of forced organ harvesting from living persons for their organs in China. It is an unprecedented

A distinct panel of medical doctors will discuss the subject of forced organ harvesting from living people. With each of them having had a unique entryway to the topic, we expect an inspiring discussion.

After monitoring the publicly reported numbers of people who registered as organ donors in China’s organ donation program since 2015, several unusual observations were made. In December 2015, on the last day of the year,

March 23, 2022; 2:00pm MET (Geneva)/ 9:00am EST (New York)
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The 12 speeches at the side event to the 49th session of UN Human Rights Council on March 22, 2022 are now accessible.

       DAFOH and AFN Collaboration Statement In joint collaboration, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, DAFOH, and The Academy of Forensic Nurses, AFN, proudly share a unified vision to help end forced organ harvesting and

Le 28 décembre, 2021 Intervenants Journée mondial des droits humains 2021, Webinaire DAFOH 1.) Garnet Genuis, Député canadien Speech on Dec 10, 2021 (.pdf) 2.) Rep. Scott Perry, Membre du Congrès, Etats-Unis Speech on Dec 10, 2021 (.pdf) 3.) Annick Ponthier, Député

On December 10th, we gather to reflect on the dignity of human life, to reaffirm our commitment to human dignity, and to find a path out of this peril for humankind.