Monday June 4, 2018 is the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre of university students by the Chinese military. The Chinese regime officially denies that the event ever happened and continues to prevent its […]

Interview with South Korean TV Chosun’s Investigative Reporters Earlier this month, DAFOH had the opportunity to interview two members of the production unit from the South Korean news channel, TV Chosun. Last fall, the channel

Plastination Exhibits Continue to Generate Controversy Exhibits featuring plastinated human cadavers and body parts have generated controversy since they started touring the world’s prestigious science museums and other venues in 2004. Concerns have centered on

CCP Propaganda Persists Despite Ongoing Evidence to Contrary  The Red Cross Society of China was recently quoted by the state-run Global Times that China now tops all of Asia, not only in transplant surgery numbers,

Legislators and academics around the world hear updates on China’s organ harvesting crimes Leading experts on the Chinese government’s transplantation abuses continue to travel the globe to educate legislators, academics and the human rights community

US legislators continue to voice opposition to China’s transplant practices In recent weeks, state and federal legislators have been taking action to condemn forced organ harvesting by passing and introducing several state resolutions as well

While international standards are in place for the US organ transplant industry, ethical appropriation of the human body and body parts is not well regulated. Selling hearts, kidneys or tendons for transplant is illegal, yet

Global organ black markets: The case of China (Remarks for a symposium on organ harvesting and global organ black markets, 18 April 2018, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) by David Matas A black market The title

Matas addressed transplant faculty/students at the University of Pennsylvania International human rights lawyer David Matas addressed students and faculty from the University of Pennsylvania at a Symposium on Organ Harvesting and Global Organ Black Markets