Concerns over the extent to which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has influenced the decisions of governments and international organizations have been amplified by the global outcry over China’s cover-up and propaganda surrounding the novel […]

Benedict Rogers says conclusions of China Tribunal must be not be ignored Co-founder and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission and human rights activist Benedict Rogers hopes investigations into China’s cover-up of

On March 2, 2020, Former Health Minister Lord Hunt led calls for individuals connected with organ trafficking and organ harvesting to face sanctions under the proposals for the new UK Magnitsky Act. During a debate

The recent report “Organ Procurement and Extrajudicial Execution in China: A Review of the Evidence” by researcher Matthew Robertson presents compelling evidence that China’s longstanding crimes against humanity are ongoing, despite years of denial. The

The U.S. State Department released its annual Human Rights Report in March, highlighting major human rights violations in countries around the world. As in past years, the report lists serious ongoing violations in China where

On March 1, 2020, Chinese media announced that the world’s first successful double lung transplant for a critically ill coronavirus patient (Global Times, Xinhuanet, China Daily) was performed on February 29th by Chen Jingyu at

A people’s tribunal in London, referred to as the China Tribunal, rendered its final judgment regarding the Chinese government’s practices of forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience. In its 556-page judgment, the 7-member panel

For many years, DAFOH has labored to raise the world’s awareness of China’s transplant atrocities. Now, with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the world is finally coming to truly understand the evil nature of the Chinese