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Letter to the Ottawa Citizen Re: Former MP pushes for Beijing Games boycott, Kilgour spearheads drive against ‘Bloody Harvest Olympics, Aug. 9. The statement of the Chinese embassy in Ottawa that “any attempt to politicize the […]

Dear Doctors, The recent agreement between the WMA and the CMA to end organ sourcing from prisoners in China except for prisoners donating organs to their immediate family members is welcome. We are pleased to

China’s forced organ harvesting methods clash with ethical standards in Western medicine. PHILADELPHIA — “If we do nothing, we share the guilt,” said Dr. Gabriel Danovitch, professor and medical director of Kidney Transplant program at

Regulations on clinical trials using transplanted organs do not define ethical standards about the procurement of the involved organs. Hence pharmaceutical and research companies are not required to investigate the source of the transplants. DAFOH

Ladies and Gentlemen, Organ harvesting from living people is the urgent subject in this session – not only for those whose lives are at stake, but also for the ethics and moral values of our