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China Tribunal:

Reuters: China is harvesting organs from Falun Gong members, finds expert panel

NBC: China forcefully harvests organs from detainees, tribunal concludes



US News: China Said to Continue Harvesting Prisoners’ Organs

NTD TV: Tribunal Investigates China’s Hidden Transplant Crimes

Epoch Times: Forced Organ Harvesting in China Has Taken Place ‘On a Significant Scale’

Epoch Times: ‘Unmatched Wickedness’: Tribunal Confirms Longstanding Allegations of Organ Harvesting by China

The Blaze: Tribunal reports that China is killing prisoners to harvest their organs


The Times:


The Guardian: China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes

Sky News

Sky News:

Illicit Trade: Western nations must ban the ‘transplant tourism’ that is costing Chinese prisoners of conscience their lives

Ottawa Citizen: Bulka: China still harvests organs from prisoners – and the world does little to stop it

Q CostaRica: China, Latin America’s Partner, Harvests Organs From Political Prisoners

Sydney Morning Herald

The Independent: China forcibly harvesting organs from religions detainees killing many: Report

South China Morning Post: Beijing is harvesting organs from Falun Gong members who died ‘hideous deaths’, expert China Tribunal panel finds


World Magazine: A fatal harvest

Catholic News Agency: Tribunal says China uses coercion in organ harvesting, targets religious minorities

National Catholic Register: Tribunal Says China Uses Coercion in Organ Harvesting, Targets Religious Minorities

Union of Catholic Asian News: China is killing prisoners for organs, tribunal finds – Independent inquiry rules that Falun Gong practitioners are the main victims of ‘extreme wickedness

The Liberty: China Guilty of Forced Organ Extraction, Says Tribunal; Japan’s Responsibility As a Global Leader

Medical Daily: Forced Organ Harvesting In China Confirmed, Tribunal Says

Medical Tourism Magazine: China Tribunal Gives Final Judgement on China’s Heinous Transplant Crimes

Science Alert: Worst Fears About China’s Organ Transplants And Prisoners Were Just Confirmed

Nature: Startling China organ claims raise alarm about transplant research. Researchers hope the conclusions of a people’s tribunal will pressure journals to reject papers that might include data from unethical transplants.

The Law Society: China butchers prisoners for organs, tribunal finds