DAFOH and AFN Present Online Nurses Summit on Organ Harvesting November 1, 2022

In joint collaboration, the Washington, D.C. based NGO, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting and The Academy of Forensic Nursing will host the first Nurses Summit to Combat and Prevent Forced Organ Harvesting on November 1, 2022.  Both organizations share a unified vision to protect and promote ethical medical and nursing practices worldwide.

Forensic nursing applies science and research best practices to public and legal proceedings, providing health care in the scientific investigation of trauma and death related to abuse, violence, criminal activity, liability, and accidents in any setting around the globe.

With the goal of advancing this mission and disseminating knowledge, this four-hour virtual event will highlight the crime of forced organ harvesting as a topic of great importance to the international nursing community.The Nurses Summit will feature over 12 nursing leaders, scholars, human rights experts, and eye witnesses who are passionate about raising awareness of this problem, preventing collusion, and seeing it come to an end. Speakers will discuss topics central to nursing science, ethics, and practice followed by a Q&A panel discussion.Nurses and all members of interdisciplinary teams should attend this webinar. This includes clinicians who collaborate to identify and support individuals who are organ donors or are pre- or post-organ transplant as well as those practicing and working in the organ transplant field in nursing, medicine, research pharmacology, and coordination of care. Nurses from many health care settings, such as emergency departments, primary, ambulatory, and community health centers may have the opportunity to identify, support, and care for individuals involved in organ transplant tourism abroad.

Participants will learn about the issue of unethical forced organ harvesting, its global extent and impact on the nursing profession, patient care, and humanity as a whole. The organizers of the summit hope that nurses will come to understand their role in leading and creating exemplary models of patient care that will lead to action being taken to end live forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience in China.

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