DAFOH’s Executive Director Interviewed on NTD’s Crossroads

DAFOH’s Executive Director Torsten Trey, MD, PhD was interviewed by Joshua Philipp on NTD’s Crossroads program in September 2021.

Dr. Trey described how live forced organ harvesting is occurring all over China wherever there are detention centers. This highly lucrative practice, which is directed by the Chinese regime, involves people from many layers of society who contribute to the perpetration of a slow “cold genocide” of Falun Gong practitioners. He described live force organ harvesting as the removal of organs of living people by surgeons in operating rooms across China that results in the “donors” death.

Several Falun Gong practitioners who escaped China related to Dr. Trey that, while incarcerated, they were blood tested frequently despite being tortured. Relatives of those killed in detention reported that their loved ones’ body cavities were devoid of organs.

Dr. Trey pointed out that the general silence of news media around the world over the last two decades may be due to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence. Despite this, there has been support from governments around the world speaking out against China’s forced organ harvesting, though not nearly enough, given the volume of evidence that demonstrates this unethical and illegal practice is ongoing.

Medical institutions that train Chinese transplant surgeons, pharmaceuticals that sell transplant medicines to China, medical tourists who travel to China for organs are all either “unknowingly or knowingly becoming accomplices in these crimes against humanity,” Trey said. “The impact on the West is tremendous and much larger than conceived of at the moment.”

By bypassing Western ethical norms, China is reaching its goal to dominate the global transplant medical field. Dr. Trey said this will “tear down the ethical standards” of the transplant field around the world. He said, “If China is able to make forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience a stable source of organs in the transplant field then China has become the world leader of transplant and is unrestricted in its pursuit to eradicate ostracized prisoners of conscience.”

He concluded, “The most powerful way to stop organ harvesting is to give the victims a voice. Talking about Falun Gong… breaks through the silence.”