DC Medical Society Submits Resolution Against Cold Genocide at AMA Annual Meeting

An enormous problem is that the American public and medical community still don’t have a broad knowledge of the seriousness of the forced organ harvesting issue, and media coverage is lacking.

Resolution 210, submitted to the American Medical Association on November 11th by the Medical Society of the District of Columbia calls for:

  1. Transplant surgeons, especially those who come to the United States for training in transplant surgery, must agree to AMA’s Ethical Guidelines, and that American medical and hospital institutions not be complicit in any ethical violations or conflicts of interest;
  2. An independent, interdisciplinary, transparent investigation must be conducted into China’s organ transplantation practices; and
  3. The U.S. government must protect the large number of transplant tourists by implementing legislation that would blacklist countries that do not meet the same transparency and ethical standards practiced in the United States.

Joseph Gutierrez, Chair of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia’s delegation to the AMA, said, “We are very concerned with the increasing reports, out of China being particular, regarding forced organ harvesting for transplantation.”

Raymond Scalettar, Clinical Professor at George Washington University Medical Center and former Chair of the AMA Board of Trustees, supported the resolution saying, “This is a very important resolution on what is being called ‘cold genocide.’ The AMA has a significant representation at the World Medical Association. Hopefully, they can go forward and explore what else they can do in order to end this cold genocide.”

DAFOH Executive Director Dr. Torsten Trey told the committee, “The world saw medical abuse during the Holocaust, but it has never seen a genocide in which organs were systematically harvested and used for a profitable transplant business. Resolution 210 provides an opportunity to establish global leadership in ethics. The U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 343 calling for an end to forced organ harvesting in China, and the medical profession should do no less to stop this transplant abuse.”

DAFOH Deputy Director Dr. Weldon Gilcrease said, “Forced organ harvesting is systematic. It is carried out at the governmental level.” He added that, due to ignorance, American physicians and the public are at risk of complicity. American medical institutions train Chinese surgeons in transplant medicine who then return home and participate in unethical organ procurement and transplant practices. American citizens travel to China to buy organs obtained through acts of genocide.