Evidence of China’s Transplant Abuses Continues to Expand

Since 2006, evidence of all kinds has revealed that a massive state-run harvesting of organs for transplant from living prisoners of conscience has been ongoing in China for decades.

It was only after 1999 when the much larger source of organs was available from persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners did the Chinese transplant industry begin to grow exponentially. This unprecedented rise in China’s transplant industry has been meticulously documented by the in-depth analysis by the China Organ Harvest Research of Chinese transplant hospitals, archived hospital websites, media reports, medical journal articles, government legislation and funding as well as industry statements and policies.

Investigators making phone calls to Chinese hospitals, institutions and individuals, made under the pretense of patients or relatives of patients needing organs, have documented that prisoners of conscience, especially Falun Gong practitioners, have long been exploited as organ donors. One caller contacted approximately 80 hospitals and was often able to speak directly with transplant surgeons: “Ten hospitals admitted they use Falun Gong practitioners as organ suppliers,” he noted. “Five hospitals said they can obtain Falun Gong practitioners as organ suppliers. Fourteen hospitals admitted they use live organs from prisoners. Ten hospitals said the source of organs is a secret and they could not reveal it over the phone.”

Over the years, eyewitnesses and whistleblowers have also come forward. One in particular revealed how China’s transplant system has used barbaric organ procurement practices from the very beginning of its existence. In the 1990s, a then senior medical student witnessed the rapid skilled removal of organs from a restrained, conscious Chinese prisoner by military doctors and nurses. The horror of the event has haunted him ever since. Years later he said, “when the media began exposing the forced harvesting of organs from Falun Dafa prisoners of conscience in China, I at once understood everything. All of this is true, and forced organ harvesting already long existed in the Chinese Communist Party’s military system. It’s only that the persecution campaign against Falun Dafa provided a much larger source of organs.”

The recent surge in the persecution and incarceration of Uighur Muslims indicates this group may also part of the Chinese government’s largest cash cow: their captive living organ donor pool consisting of innocent prisoners of conscience.

A growing body of irrefutable evidence makes it clear that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is committing cold genocide, insidiously annihilating their own citizens through gross medical malfeasance driven by greed. If the people of the world turn a blind eye and allow this travesty to go on unbridled, who knows which minority, race or spiritual group the CCP will target next for exploitation.