Experts Speak Out About China’s Transplant Abuses

On May 15th, the Jamestown Foundation published a second report on China’s Organ Transplant System in which Matthew P. Robertson, a research fellow with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) and a PhD candidate in political science at the Australian National University, examines the Evidence for the Harvesting of Organs from [China’s] Prisoners of Conscience.” In a detailed March 2020 VOC report, Mr. Robertson presented the extensive evidence of how organs used for transplant surgeries are procured in China via extrajudicial executions.

Ethan Gutmann, investigative writer, China expert, and human rights advocate was a guest on LifeSiteNews Van Maren Show. Gutmann, who lived in China from 1998-2002, witnessed the communist regime’s censorship of internet information, the use of interne surveillance technology, and the very first years of the persecution of Falun Gong. This led him to uncover evidence that organ harvesting on prisoners of conscience is indeed happening in China. Gutmann pointed out that this human rights abuse has spawned a profitable transplant tourism industry and called on other countries to be wary of any dealings with China, a government capable of turning innocent citizens into valuable commodities by mining their bodies for retail organs.

A John Solomon Reports podcast aired recently that featured both Maura Moynihan, China activist and daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and China expert Ethan Gutmann. Despite the Trump administration having imposed increased sanctions on China, most U.S. media organizations have consistently trivialized the severity of China’s human rights abuses. Moynihan descried the China apologists in our government while calling on the U.S. to ban visas for andseize the real assets of Chinese communist officials. She added that U.S. funds should be allotted to “rooting out those in the pocket of the CCP working in America.”  Guttman discussed how China has suddenly provided the global market with a huge number of valuable human hair wigs in chestnut brown and reddish hues, coincident with the incarceration of Uyghur women whose heads are shaved in Xinjiang work camps. Most disturbing is the expansion of the CCP’s living organ donor back and organ harvesting network beyond Falun Gong into the persecuted Uyghur population. Moynihan and Guttman believe American and global institutions have failed to confront China in any meaningful way over its genocidal treatment of religious believers and ethnic minorities.