Fox News Covers Chinese Organ Harvesting Issues

Major American media outlet Fox News exposed China’s illicit transplant industry in a recent article exploring the historical context of the persecution of Falun Gong. The article, written by Hollie McKay, tells the stories of several Chinese nationals who were detained in labor camps and medically tested in preparation for organ harvesting and of family members of those whose organs were believed to have been harvested.

The article also outlines the conclusions of the recent Peoples Tribunal in London sponsored by the International Coalition to End Organ Transplant Abuse In China. The tribunal highlighted evidence of China’s transplant abuses, including incredibly short waiting times for organs and websites advertising organs on demand, and determined that China’s illegal and unethical organ procurement practices are ongoing and that there is no evidence that the infrastructure that facilitates this transplant system has been dismantled.

Other investigating organizations such as The Heritage Foundation and China Organ Harvest Research Center are cited as well.

The article takes readers into the life of Jennifer Zeng who spent time in prison in 2000 for practicing Falun Gong. Jennifer’s life may have been saved because she was a carrier of Hepatitis C which may have precluded her selection for organ harvesting.

The article then introduces Han Yu, whose father was kidnapped and detained. She was told he had died. When the family went to identify the body in the morgue, they discovered that he had severe bruising and stitches running from his throat down underneath his clothing. When the family attempted to investigate the wound further, they were forcefully removed from the morgue. Yu suspected that her father’s organs had been removed without consent, which resulted in his death.

Jiang Li, experienced a similar incident in 2009. She was called to identify her father’s remains after he had been imprisoned for his spiritual belief and practice of Falun Gong. When she arrived at the morgue, his body was still warm, indicating that he was not dead. After this discovery, Li and her family were forcefully removed from the morgue. Later, they were given his cremated remains with no explanation as to the cause of his death.

The article also tells of incarcerated people who, despite being subjected to harsh treatment and torture, were being evaluated by ultrasound, x rays and blood tests consistent with medical assessment of the quality of their retail organs.

Finally, the article delves into the recent mass internment of Uighurs in the Xinjiang autonomous region of China.  It is presumed that this ethnic minority group is also being used as part of the involuntary national organ bank for both state-run and for-profit hospitals throughout China.

The Fox News article was sited in several news publications including, The American Thinker, The Express, The New American, and The BL.