Letter from the Editor

Greetings! The DAFOH newsletter team wishes all our readers a happy and healthy 2019.

Unfortunately, this will be yet another year of sadness, pain, and death for prisoners of conscience in China who are at risk of being executed by vital organ explantation. For two decades, the Chinese government has encouraged and supported the development of a huge transplant infrastructure and industry fueled by monetizing segments of its own people through mass, cold genocide.

In this first newsletter of the new year, we detail accumulating evidence regarding China’s unethical transplantation practices, unsubstantiated claims of transplant reform, the epidemic of human rights abuses as well as unethical medical and scientific practices in China. In addition, we highlight international actions taken by governments against China’s medical genocide as well as proposed solutions for how the world can influence China’s actions and stem the insidious tide of influence and infiltration by the Chinese regime into all aspects of Western society.

We, the DAFOH newsletter team, hope that this information will encourage our readers to confront the truth about human organ transplantation in China, develop compassion for the victims and take action to help stop the ongoing daily slaughter of innocents in operating rooms across China.


Ann F. Corson, M.D.