Letter from the editor (2018 NL_4)

Can we afford to let the fox guard the hen house?

New guidelines recently published by The Council of Europe aim “to facilitate the implementation of the principle that the human body and its parts must not, as such, give rise to financial gain.”  Meanwhile, in China, eyewitness evidence has proved transplant hospitals are selling organs at high prices to foreigners and offering expedited surgeries with matching organs if additional “donations” are made. Recent analysis of a Chinese medical article plainly reveals the “donor” was living at the time of vital organ extraction. The World Health Organization’s appointment of a controversial Chinese transplant surgeon as Honorary Chair of the WHO Task Force on Donation and Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

There is a growing awareness within the US intelligence, military, political, business, and academic communities of the subtle and pervasive infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into multiple facets of American society. FBI director Christopher Wray recently declared this “represents the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat” that America faces.  In fact, the FBI is investigating active espionage activities by the CCP in all 50 states. A key element of recently introduced legislation intended to combat such influences is requiring that Confucius Institutes, identified by the FBI as covers for Chinese intelligence and influence operations, register under the Foreign Agents’ Registration Act.

If so many can recognize the sinister nature of the CCP’s real agenda, why aren’t leading transplant professionals and WHO officials questioning China’s transplant reform propaganda? it can only be assumed that these individuals act not out of ignorance but rather from willful blindness. As Canadian attorney David Matas has pointed out, “A person who commits a criminal act and is willfully blind is as guilty of a crime as a person who commits the act with full knowledge.”

Alex Newman of the New American writes: “The regime enslaving mainland China has murdered more people than any other government in human history. Using forced abortions, executions of dissidents, and even organ harvesting, it continues to slaughter innocent people in massive numbers. And yet, today, the communist regime’s agents are running a vast array of international organizations, including key United Nations agencies and even Interpol, the self-styled global law-enforcement outfit. Considering the horrific crimes perpetrated by the regime, and its growing lust for global power and what it touts as a Beijing-led ‘New World Order,’ it is absolutely essential that civilized governments take a stand. The alternative, if China’s barbarous rulers get their way, will be global savagery on an unimaginable scale.”