Letter from the Editor, Ann F. Corson, M.D.

For over a decade, DAFOH has been exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) unethical organ transplantation practices that have evolved from using convicted criminals’ organs to monetizing the bodies of innocent prisoners of conscience in order to exponentially grow a profitable transplant industry.

In this first newsletter of the new decade, we report on how various disciplines are coming to recognize that the real nature of the CCP can no longer be overlooked. An overwhelming cry for disengagement is coming from physicians, human rights advocates and politicians, as well as military, business and academic leaders, who are realizing that what independent researchers have been reporting about China’s organ transplant industry for over a decade is indeed true.

The CCP’s inadequate handling of the devastating new coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated to the world how the Chinese regime’s first priority is to maintain its own political power and control rather than address the real needs of its own people. In a recent opinion piece in The Hill, Joseph Bosco writes, “Within China proper, all religious groups endure deepening oppression. The Falun Gong spiritual movement has been targeted for a special crime against humanity: industrial scale, live organ harvesting that exceeds even the murderous efficiency of the Nazis.”

Is the sacrificing of moral and ethical values worth the short term gains attained by pleasing China’s one-party regime? We should remind ourselves that by standing up for the basic human rights of the Chinese people, particularly innocent prisoners of conscience, we not only help them, but also ourselves. Kowtowing to a totalitarian government that silences voices warning of a deadly viral outbreak and uses prisoners of conscience as organ sources does not portent a bright future for humanity.

We, at DAFOH, applaud the growing chorus of voices from around the world calling for all to stand up for what is ethically and morally correct over profit and prestige.