Letter from the Editor, Ann F. Corson, M.D.

For many years, DAFOH has labored to raise the world’s awareness of China’s transplant atrocities. Now, with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the world is finally coming to truly understand the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and how it has surreptitiously insinuated itself into positions of control over international organizations as well as many aspects of Western societies.

DAFOH has long called upon the medical community to stop collaborating with Chinese transplant surgeons on research, to stop partnering with Chinese transplant hospitals and to stop training Chinese transplant professionals. We have asked the international medical community to disengage from their Chinese counterparts until all aspects of China’s transplant medical practices become fully transparent and accountable with 100% voluntary organ donation procurement procedures in place.

As a result of the global pandemic which was facilitated by CCP negligence, calls to disengage from the Chinese regime have come from nearly every corner of the globe. The world now knows what DAFOH has been asserting for years, that the CCP tells outright lies and cannot be trusted. It is noteworthy that China’s officially reported transplant numbers and coronavirus figures can both demonstrate a “near-perfect 99.99% variance” which can be described by a simple mathematical formula.

It is our hope that governments, international organizations and transplant professionals will now realize that they have been seriously deceived for many years by Chinese officials. Forced live organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience has been ongoing for two decades, with perhaps millions of lives unethically and illegally terminated to reap profits for the Chinese regime. We must all denounce the CCP’s amorality and avarice by choosing the moral high ground, replacing short-term gain for long-term health and prosperity.