Letter from the Editor – Ann F. Corson, M.D.

Over the last twenty years, China’s transplant industry has been booming. Chinese surgeons have perfected rapid methods for harvesting organs from living prisoners of conscience resulting in the deaths of the so-called donors. The Chinese Communist Party has monetized the bodies of those it deems undesirable to fuel a highly profitable medical industry that attracts paying transplant tourists from countries around the world.

With the world’s attention on the U.S. Presidential election coming up next week, DAFOH hopes, whichever party wins, that the administration will continue its current path of countering the incessant infiltration of American society by CCP elements, renouncing China’s appalling transplant abuses, and do more to encourage the disengagement of American medical institutions, medical supply companies, and pharmaceutical industries from China’s transplant industry.

Turning a blind eye to China’s crimes against humanity bespeaks compliance in covering up the world dirtiest open secret that the Chinese regime has been using live forced organ harvesting as a means to completely eradicate the practice of Falun Gong for over two decades.

DAFOH sincerely wishes that all those who have been complicit in any way with the abominable crimes committed by China’s transplant industry will change course, seek to distance themselves, and choose upright ethical behavior before it is too late as these crimes against humanity will surely soon be brought to justice.