Letter from the Editor, Ann F Corson, MD

Monday June 4, 2018 is the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre of university students by the Chinese military. The Chinese regime officially denies that the event ever happened and continues to prevent its citizens from accessing any information regarding the slaughter of unarmed protestors.  The official version available online to the Chinese people claims that not one single student was shot.  If the Chinese government so blatantly continues to deny a past travesty that the rest of the world knows is factual (just google “Tiananmen Square massacre 1989”), how can Western doctors, healthcare officials and religious leaders believe unsubstantiated statements made by quasi-government representatives about China’s transplant system?

In this edition of the DAFOH newsletter we see that parliamentarians and academicians around the world are deepening their understanding of the deceit and lies being promulgated by Chinese transplant officials.  We also see that transplant tourism continues to flourish in China despite claims to the contrary made by Chinese delegates at the Vatican in February 2017.

I hope that our readers are as struck as I am by the cognitive dissonance created by the gap in understanding between those who objectively examine the evidence of transplant abuse in China and those who blindly believe the conjured up fantasies of a regime that has, since its inception, held truth in the lowest esteem.