Letter from the Editor: Ann F. Corson, MD – Celebrating Truth Teller Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

DAFOH has long exposed China’s unethical and illegal transplant practices. The live forced organ harvesting of non-consenting prisoners of conscience is a means of commoditizing before destroying those deemed undesirable by the communist regime. China’s lucrative transplant industry has grown exponentially in parallel with the suppression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement though victims also include Tibetan Buddhists, House Christians, and Uighurs Muslims.

Over the years, DAFOH has met with many challenges while exposing the truth about organ harvesting including incredulity from those in the medical and political realms who are in positions to be catalysts for change. Therefore, we appreciate those who aim, like us, to report the truth in the face of obstacles and adversity.

Our newsletter has repeatedly honored the investigative truth tellers who have spent years exposing China’s state-sanctioned crimes. We also wish to honor those truth tellers who, no matter the cost, have upheld ethical values, not shied away from wherever the truth has led them, and forbore ridicule and censorship by the press, ostracism by colleagues, and criticism from friends and family.

Attorney and advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one such individual. As the son of U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, standing for truth and justice seems his birthright.

As President of Waterkeeper Alliance, Mr. Kennedy has successfully litigated against industry polluters to ensure that waterways worldwide become ‘drinkable, fishable, and swimmable.’

His organization Children’s Health Defense, is a courageous champion in exposing and combating the many causes of the tsunami of crippling chronic illnesses affecting the health of our nation’s children, which seriously jeopardizes the future of our society.

Mr. Kennedy has successfully litigated against the unethical and illegal activities of ‘Big Pharma,’ ‘Big Energy,’ ‘Big Food,’ ‘Big Tech,’ and ‘Big Chemical.’  He has consistently and objectively examined the science and facts surrounding each issue and exposed the capture by industry interests of U.S. regulatory agencies and their complete failure to serve and protect the American people.

Mr. Kennedy has a clear and astute understanding of American history and a profound commitment to the preservation of democracy and the civil liberties set forth and stipulated by our founding fathers.

In November 2020, on the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, Mr. Kennedy gave an insightful interview to a gathering of health freedom advocates in Copenhagen who were strategizing ways to maintain human rights on a global basis in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

He described how the draconian pandemic control measures and censorship instituted in lockstep around the world have resulted in the erosion and loss of civil liberties as well as the commoditization, dehumanization, fractionation, and economic destruction of huge numbers of people while further enriching the world’s financial elites. These tactics are eerily similar to those used by the Chinese regime in its cover up of corrupt transplant practices, including lack of transparency, manipulation of perception with lies and propaganda, and falsification of data.

In the January 2021 Opinion: Distortion and Censorship of Scientific Methods Bring Harm to Society, DAFOH concluded that “the hallmark of ethical science is the acceptance of differing opinions with tolerance and civility without fear of open and honest discussion. Ignoring scientific methods, statistics, and logic derived from acquired knowledge foments chaos and confusion. Such tactics have enabled the CCP to create circumstances that have allowed it to thrive and pursue its stealth infiltration of other countries. The silencing and censoring of dissenting voices reflect biases that are antithetical to the wellbeing of human society.”

At the end of his Copenhagen speech, Mr. Kennedy passionately called for a return to a true democratic process with due process of law, open debate, objectivity, rationality, and a proportionate response. He asked that all different countries and cultures come together now “to be a force of love, reconciliation, and freedom.”

DAFOH wishes to thank Mr. Kennedy for his devotion to truth, his deep compassion for humanity, and his forbearance in overcoming obstacles and tragedies in order to dedicate his life to the service of others.