Letter from the Editor – Time for Disengagement

Given the overwhelming evidence that China’s organ procurement and transplant system is founded on the murder of innocent people and the monetization of their bodies on an epic scale, it is well past time for the rest of the world, especially the Western medical-industrial complex, to disengage from complicity with such hideous acts. The morality and ethics of the global medical profession is at risk.

In a recent interview, associate professor and forensic nurse Dr. Kathleen Thimsen pointed out that China will soon outpace the United States in the number of kidney transplants performed annually and that the global transplant industry should be concerned about the “unrestrained human rights violations and the Chinese methods of procuring those organs.” She added, “This is problematic as it could change the world’s ethics and the whole complexion of transplant medicine, even here in the United States.”

Turning a blind eye and not wanting to believe that forced live organ harvesting is still occurring in China in no longer tenable given the evidence. In an interview on China Insider, independent investigator and author Ethan Gutmann said, “what’s holding us back [from stopping forced organ harvesting in China] is the medical world.”

He urged everyone to “Talk to your doctor, talk to your dentist, talk to your dermatologist, I don’t care who it is. Talk to them and say, ‘Have you heard about this issue? Do you know anything about it? It sounds really awful. Why is the medical community so relaxed about this? Why is this ok?’ That’s what I hope to see. That kind of grassroots change actually can be very, very powerful.”

Two years ago, the China Tribunal stated said that any government, government agency, international organization or educational institution that engages with the Chinese regime is “interacting with a criminal state.”

Despite undeniable evidence of brutal, unethical, and inhuman practices being the norm in China, international organizations, businesses, academic institutions, and individuals investing or doing business in China, as well as hospitals and doctors continue to engage with the Chinese medical industry and transplant professionals. All risk being implicated in genocide.

Many experts agree it is likely that Western collaborators, along with Chinese officials and doctors involved in organ harvesting, will be prosecuted for these crimes in international Nuremberg-like courts.

If we truly believe in the sanctity of life, bodily integrity, and compassion for our fellow human beings, we must immediately, without hesitation, disengage from the Chinese transplant system and denounce the genocide of innocent prisoners of conscience. No more political pandering, no more indifference, no more financial gain over human welfare. The time is now.