News in Review

Witness Testimony of Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Lu Shuheng, a relative of Chinese surgeon Zhou Qing, disclosed horrific details about how detained Falun Gong practitioners are strapped down to have their vital organs removed without anesthesia. Zhou and her husband, Mao Shuping, told Lu the details when they tried to buy his help in securing U.S. transplant tourists. Mao had access to detained Falun Gong practitioners through his position at the Shanghai Justice Bureau, a promotion he gained through his support of Jiang Zemin’s nephew, Wu Zhiming, leader in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Shanghai.


UNHRC Complicit in CCP’s Human Rights Abuses

Leaked internal emails support the whistleblower testimony of UN human rights lawyer Emma Riley who said the UN Human Rights Council regularly supplied Chinese officials with the names of Chinese dissidents scheduled to present to the council. Though other governments have been denied such requests, UN policy, according to Riley, is to prioritize the relationship with China over the consequences to the persons named. The CCP is well known for silencing those vocal about its human rights abuses through arrest and torture, or in cases where activists were already safely outside of China, through threatening or kidnapping their families in the mainland.


Program About Forced Organ Harvesting Cancelled in UK

During a November 4th webinar, Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, chair of the China Tribunal, revealed that a BBC show scheduled to broadcast on June 17, 2019, the day the Tribunal delivered its judgement, was canceled at the request of the UK government. Tribunal member Professor Martin Elliott stated that the request to pull the TV special, which included interviews of Nice, Israeli heart surgeon Jacob Lavee, MD and “witnesses,” came from the foreign office and expressed that he “was deeply shocked that the FCO could take that action, and pull something out of an apparently independent broadcasting organization.” The BBC said in an email to The Epoch Times that it was not aware of the program.


CCP Solidifies Control of Chinese Catholics as Vatican Stance Weakens

The CCP has ramped up its campaign to control Chinese Catholics through the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA). According to a 2020 agreement between the CCP and the Vatican, the Pope retained the right to name bishops in China. However, a new CCP directive privileges the CPCA with the sole authority to appoint bishops. Clergy who do not register with the CPCA are considered criminal and those who do register are subject to surveillance and control measures. In a move that upset many Catholics, Pope Francis has lifted the ban on priests and bishops joining the CPCA.


CCP Crimes Against Humanity May Surpass Those of Hitler  

Recalling the enormous number of people killed in Nazi Germany, as well as the evil medical experiments conducted, the article asserts that “for the persecuted Chinese minorities, the world has forgotten its ‘Never Again’ pledge.” Just as international companies were complicit during the holocaust, today, companies worldwide support the CCP by purchasing products made by forced labor, creating advanced surveillance technology used to suppress persecuted groups, and providing medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals for its organ transplant industry, a “billion-dollar annual transplant trade” based on the killing of Falun Gong practitioners. The article notes that members of this “peace loving group” are alive when their organs are harvested and asserts that the crimes of the CCP may “surpass those of the Third Reich.”


Causes of Transplant Tourism and Potential Responses

In “Transplant tourism: A ‘pervasive’ and dangerous ‘shadow world of medicine,’” Healio Infectious Disease News delves into the worldwide reality of illicit and illegal transplant practices fueled by transplant tourism. Identifying the cause as insufficient available organs in countries like the U.S. and Canada, combined with desperate patients with financial means, the article suggests physicians screen patients for the potential to engage in transplant tourism and to inform them of the risks, both medical and ethical. Mentioning China’s use of prisoners for organs, the article cites Professor Wendy Rogers’ study published in BMJ which found that 95.2% of transplant studies in China did not provide information on the sources of the organs used.


China Tribunal Panelist Martin Elliott Speaks to Health Europa About Findings

In November, Health Europa editor Stephanie Price spoke with China Tribunal panelist Professor Martin Elliott to discuss the implications of the Tribunal judgement for governments and the medical community. Elliot, lead panelist Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, and Tribunal lawyer Hamid Sabi discussed the Tribunal’s findings of forced organ harvesting in China with the UK Parliament’s newly formed China Research Group. “The global medical community has a moral responsibility to pressure China into great transparency to stop this from happening,” Elliot said. “It is internationally unacceptable – governments cannot duck these findings, and neither should the medical community.”


NGOs Call for Governments to Do More to Stop China’s Forced Organ Harvesting

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) and the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), held a webinar on February 24 to bring greater awareness to China’s transplantation crimes. “On the issue of forced organ harvesting, the international community has remained silent despite the evidence for far too long,” said Kristina Olney, director of government relations for VOC. “The United States and the rights-respecting nations of the world must confront the evidence of this horrific human rights abuse taking place in China today. This crime has no place in the 21st century.”


UK Lawmakers Address Issue of Consent on Human Tissues Procured Overseas

On February 11, 2021 an amendment to the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill regarding consent for use of human tissues obtained from overseas became law. Proponents of the measure, which tackles only the use of human tissue in medicines, acknowledge that it is largely symbolic, but describe it as a small but important first step in the nation’s capacity to address potential complicity in overseas crimes. It is the first time UK lawmakers have enacted any legislation that addresses the issue of consent on human tissue from overseas.


Kilgour: All Nations with Magnitsky Laws Should Sanction Perpetrators of Organ Harvesting

In a Taipei Times editorial, David Kilgour describes evidence that the Uighur genocide in northwestern China likely includes forced organ harvesting. Noting that the China Tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice found that the majority of forced organ harvesting victims were Falun Gong practitioners, Kilgour explained that since 2017 “comprehensive DNA collection of everyone from Xinjiang’s Uighur community has created a large pool of potential donors” and urged that “all nations with Magnitsky laws should apply targeted sanctions against any Chinese government official known to be involved in organ harvesting.”


Canadian response to CCP genocide

Providing a deep dive into who the Uyghur people are and why Canada has labeled the Chinese campaign against them a genocide, this article urges consumers not to purchase products made by forced labor in China. An expert is quoted explaining that “adherents of all religions face restrictions, persecution and pressure to adhere to the party’s ideology. So even though the constitution says citizens enjoy freedom of religion … the [CCP] has really pushed to shape religions to conform to the doctrine of the party.” The article notes the CCP has denied all charges against it, including “harvesting organs from people in persecuted religious groups while they were still alive,” calling them a smear campaign by the west.


Mike Pompeo CPAC 2021 Interview on the State of U.S. Policy on China

In an American Thought Leaders interview at CPAC 2021, former Secretary of State Pompeo explained how the CCP has taken advantage of the US’s forty-year long position that engagement with China would yield improvements in its government’s behavior. Of the last four years, Pompeo said his office found undeniable evidence of the CCP’s infiltration into US industries, repression of religious minorities, and genocide. He asserted that the information uncovered means that “no one is going to deny that the CCP has hegemonic intent, wants to undermine democracies and rule of law all around the world, and that we have a responsibility to confront it.”