News in Review

Economic support of China fuels human rights abuses and organ harvesting

“China keeps 3 million in concentration camps, harvests prisoners’ organs, threatens Hong Kong and Taiwan daily and is arming North Korea. So why are we trading with them?” Outlining China’s human rights abuses including its organ harvesting crimes, this article calls for economic sanctions and tariffs, asserting that economic support of China funds a “dictatorial regime.”


Major international organizations silent and even complicit in China’s organ harvesting crimes

Comments by Ethan Gutmann, co-founder of the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse, are quoted, “some groups in the West have been complicit with organ harvesting…the World Health Organization, the Transplantation Society, and to some extent, the Foreign Office. The British Foreign Office did nothing in this, and in fact, made apologies for the Chinese.”


Study finds that Australians are going overseas for organ transplants

Experts have found that more people than expected are traveling overseas for transplants and warn that transplant tourism could encourage and perpetuate the illegal trade in human body parts. Of the 200 transplant doctors surveyed, more than 50% had at least one patient who had travelled abroad for transplant surgery.


Wait times for kidney transplant as low as two weeks in China

In an interview with DAFOH member, Dr. Huige Li, the authors establish that a typical wait time for a kidney in the US is over 3 years but show that “despite international condemnation, organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China has never stopped. One can get a kidney of choice [in China] in just two weeks.”


DNA cataloging of Uyghurs suggests preparation for large scale organ harvesting

Although international pressure may have led the Chinese government to claim it has released large numbers of Uyghur prisoners, human rights groups report there is no evidence to support such statements. Rather, there is concerning evidence that Uyghurs are a target for forced organ harvesting. “Since 2016 DNA sequencing has been conducted for the entire population of Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other Muslims in Xinjiang, a prerequisite for organ matching.”


Woman who survived a Chinese prison camp speaks out on organ harvesting

Explaining that an “international tribunal has found that prisoners…are being used to supply the $1billion organ trade in China,” the author points out that “international reaction has been strangely silent.” She explores possible reasons for such silence in an interview with a former prisoner who escaped organ harvesting and calls on British citizens to demand their MPs take action.


Husband fears missing wife last seen in police custody was killed for organs

In an article about a missing woman, whose family believes was killed for her organs in Chinese prison, The Epoch Times explains that “according to the China Organ Harvest Research Center, China began conducting research and clinical experiments in human organ transplantation in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2000 that the industry entered a period of exponential growth—which coincided with the start of the CCP’s campaign against Falun Gong.”


Op-ed by David Kilgour: Canada/China Relations Today

Attorney David Kilgour, a member of Canada’s House of Commons for nearly three decades, wrote, Over two decades, the [Chinese] regime has been directing a vast network organ-harvesting from prisoners of conscience—primarily Falun Gong since 2001, but also Tibetans, Christians and Muslim Uyghurs.” He added, “Canada has already listed a number of officials alleged to be involved in gross human rights violations or corruption from Russia, Venezuela, and other nations, but no-one from China. If Canadians and others showed more commitment to our values, the inhuman commerce of forced organ harvesting might be stopped sooner rather than later.”


Call for Australia to deny visas to human rights violators

On September 30th, over 100 people gathered in Sydney, Australia to call on the government to deny visas to human rights violators who are responsible for religious and political persecution in China. A few weeks before the rally, a list of known perpetrators, compiled by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) and the Falun Dafa Information Center (FDI), was submitted to the Australian government. The U.S. Statement Department and officials in other countries have already received the list.


Idaho legislator op-ed exposing China’s organ harvesting of religious prisoners

Idaho State Rep. Julianne Young writes “international investigations have uncovered undeniable evidence that tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have become a lucrative source of transplant organs and plastinated cadavers, with hospitals boasting transfer times on organ transplants which indicate that organs, including hearts, lungs, and livers, were lifted from one living individual and transplanted to another for tens of thousands of dollars per transplant.”


The Epoch Times interviews Canadian MP on organ trafficking bill

After a roundtable discussion on Canada’s diplomatic and trade relationship with China, MP Garnett Genuis was interviewed by The Epoch Times on organ trafficking legislation he sponsored which stalled in the last legislative session. Genuis said he was disappointed but would keep working to pass the bill because “there’s a real urgency to address this issue.”


Heart patient is given exact date when a transplant heart will be available

Former president of the Israeli Society of Transplantation, Dr. Jacob Lavee, tells the story of his patient who was given two weeks’ notice that a matching heart would be available in China. “If a patient was promised to undergo a heart transplant on a specific date, this could only mean that the—those who promised that they knew ahead of time when his potential donor would be dead.”