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  • Newsletter NL1/19 — February 21, 2019

    Newsletter NL1/19 — February 21, 2019

    – Letter from the Editor
    – Forensic Statistical Analysis Casts Doubt on Credibility of Transplant Reform in China
    – Suspected Ethical Violations Behind Demand for Retractions of Over 400 Peer-Reviewed Articles
    – Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience Held in Britain
    – The United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Israel Act Against Organ Harvesting
    – Australia Explores Opt-Out Option to Counter Organ Trafficking
    – The Worsening Human Rights Tragedy Unfolding in Xinjiang
    – Unethical Gene Editing Triggers Public Condemnation
    – Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Spreads Overseas
    – News in Review

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  • Bible, gavel and scales of justice on american flag background.The focus in on the objects.The flag background is blurred.Bible is placed under the gavel.Horizontal frame, shot with a full frame DSLR camera.

    Newsletter NL5/18 — November 21, 2018

    – DAFOH ends petitions to the United Nations Human Rights Council
    – DC Medical Society submits resolution against the cold genocide of Falun Gong at AMA leadership meeting
    – Bitter Winter op-ed accuses China of covering up transplant abuses
    – BBC World Service airs two programs exposing China’s illicit transplant industry
    – CECC’s 2018 annual report urges US to address China’s human rights abuses
    – Canadian Parliament takes steps to criminalize organ trafficking
    – Willfull blindness to CCP propaganda continues worldwide
    – US confronts CCP over infiltration of American institutions
    – News in Review

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  • Newsletter NL4/18 — August 28, 2018

    Newsletter NL4/18 — August 28, 2018

    · Editor’s letter – can we afford to let the fox guard the henhouse?
    · DAFOH representatives present at US State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom week
    · Mass detention after population wide DNA blood testing of ethnic Uighurs raises concerns that China is targeting another group for organ harvesting
    · International researchers describe China’s organ harvesting of Falun Gong as a “cold genocide”
    · After five years and 3 million signatures, DAFOH ends petition to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    · Governments around the world continue to speak out against China’s transplant practices
    · News in Review: Chinese surgeons explant vital organs from living people; mainstream media company censors human rights advocate; controversy over plastination exhibits continues on two continents; Australians travel to China for organs more frequently than previously thought.

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  • Newsletter NL3/18 — June 4, 2018

    Newsletter NL3/18 — June 4, 2018

    • Nearly three decades later, the Chinese regime continues to deny the truth about the June 4th Tiananmen Square massacre just as it continues to deny that prisoners of conscience are the living organ donor pool for their transplant industry • Despite claims to the contrary, transplant tourism to China for on-demand organs is ongoing and well documented by South Korean TV journalists • US legislators continue to pass resolutions condemning China’s unethical transplant practices and human rights abuses • Academicians and parliamentarians around the world continue to learn the truth of China’s organ harvesting crimes despite ongoing Chinese state propaganda • Protests erupt over plastination exhibit in Australia with charges that the corpses on display may be those of tortured Chinese prisoners of conscience • Reuters series on US trade in body parts exposes unregulated, unethical, profit-driven and sometimes criminal practices • Human rights activists on three continents continue speaking out about China’s forced organ harvesting

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  • Newsletter NL2/18 — March 22, 2018

    Newsletter NL2/18 — March 22, 2018

    • CA State Senator faces partisan blockage of his resolution on forced organ harvesting • Controversy erupts over the Vatican abdicating appointment of bishops to the Chinese government and inviting Chinese transplant professionals to organ trafficking summit a second time • Article in Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation explores the role that a state government has in forced organ harvesting • US universities may shy away from forums on organ harvesting due to the influence of Chinese student organizations and Confucius Institutes •

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  • Newsletter NL1/18 — January 23, 2018

    Newsletter NL1/18 — January 23, 2018

    Leading transplant surgeons continue to exhibit faulty judgment by believing empty promises of Chinese transplant reform. Rather than objectively considering the concrete evidence exposing China’s organ harvesting transplant abuses and scrutinizing the information professed by Chinese officials, they are instead seriously compromising the integrity of the medical profession worldwide.

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  • Newsletter B5/17 — November 14, 2017

    Newsletter B5/17 — November 14, 2017

    Around the globe, there is growing interest in how to stop unethical organ procurement and trafficking practices. Black market transplant tourism occurring in Pakistan, the Philippines and the Mediterranean region have drawn worldwide attention. The situation in China – due to recent international acknowledgements – is growing less transparent, however, while generating diametrically opposed responses to its transplant industry.

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  • Newsletter B4/17 — September 8, 2017

    Newsletter B4/17 — September 8, 2017

    In This Issue Message from the Editor, Ann F. Corson, MD China’s Facade of Propaganda at Kunming Hoodwinks Medical Professionals Recent International Actions Call for the End of China’s Organ […]

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  • Newsletter B3/17 — July 7, 2017

    Newsletter B3/17 — July 7, 2017

    In This Issue The Boon and Bane of DNA Testing PBS Highlights but Downplays China’s Organ Procurement Practices New Documentary Medical Genocide Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the Doctor’s […]

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  • Newsletter B2/17 — May 5, 2017

    Newsletter B2/17 — May 5, 2017

    In This Issue China Attempts to Whitewash and Obscure Organ Harvesting Crimes Chinese State-Run Media Propaganda Touting Improvements in Transplant Practices Escalates Rogers et al., Engaging with China on Organ […]

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