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Newsletter NL2/18 — March 22, 2018

• CA State Senator faces partisan blockage of his resolution on forced organ harvesting • Controversy erupts over the Vatican abdicating appointment of bishops to the Chinese government and inviting Chinese transplant professionals to organ trafficking summit a second time • Article in Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation explores the role that a state government has in forced organ harvesting • US universities may shy away from forums on organ harvesting due to the influence of Chinese student organizations and Confucius Institutes •

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Newsletter NL1/18 — January 23, 2018

Leading transplant surgeons continue to exhibit faulty judgment by believing empty promises of Chinese transplant reform. Rather than objectively considering the concrete evidence exposing China’s organ harvesting transplant abuses and scrutinizing the information professed by Chinese officials, they are instead seriously compromising the integrity of the medical profession worldwide.

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Newsletter B5/17 — November 14, 2017

Around the globe, there is growing interest in how to stop unethical organ procurement and trafficking practices. Black market transplant tourism occurring in Pakistan, the Philippines and the Mediterranean region have drawn worldwide attention. The situation in China – due to recent international acknowledgements – is growing less transparent, however, while generating diametrically opposed responses to its transplant industry.

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