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Newsletter Q4/15 — December 2, 2015

In This Issue Transplant Medicine at a Crossroads NY Times Vindicates Concerns about Ongoing Organ Harvesting FAC Chair Ed Royce Supports Legislation Ethicist Dr. Katrina Bramstedt Speaks in the NSW

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Newsletter Q2/15 — May 13, 2015

In This Issue FEATURE: Council of Europe passes landmark treaty against forced organ harvesting EVIDENCE IN DEPTH: Distinguishing propaganda and sleight of hand from reality DAFOH Exclusive Interview with Arne

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Newsletter Q3/14 — August 11, 2014

In This Issue FEATURE: Excerpt from The Slaughter, by Ethan Gutmann EVIDENCE IN DEPTH: Implausible Medical Examinations of Falun Gong Labor Camp Workers NEWS IN REVIEW CALL FOR ACTION: Petition

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