The announced transplant reforms in China do not address the concerns of forcibly harvested organs from prisoners of conscience. While all countries with public organ donation systems see a significant gap between registered donors and the eventual number of donors—in the UK only about 1% of registered donors become eligible donors—, China reports numbers that are implausible. China states to have 200,000 registered donors; yet with a death rate of 7/1000 per year, only about 1,400 of the registered donors would pass away per year. If only 1% of those donors become eligible donors, then China would have an annual pool of 14 registered donors. Official numbers from China claim to have had more than 4,000 organ donors in 2016. The gap in the numbers presses again for the question: where do the organs come from? This question underlines the importance to keep investigating on prisoners of conscience as organ source.


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