Preface to the Italian Edition of STATE ORGANS

Preface to the Italian Edition of STATE ORGANS


It is with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to the book signing of the Italian edition of State Organs: transplant abuse in China, and I welcome the opportunity to thank the authors for having treated the subject with scientific rigor and deep sensitivity.

The question of the origin of the organs used for transplantation purposes in China can not, and should not be summarily dismissed under the principle of self-determination of each nation. It concerns us because the entire scientific community and civil society require a loud voice that the principles that govern medical activities are the same at all latitudes. Human dignity and respect for the rights of individuals are the basic elements of a common nursing practice and can not be compromised in the name of alleged cultural values​​, religious or scientific purposes.

Despite repeated appeals from the international community, from the authorities and stakeholders, China seems to continue to ignore the call and massively increased the distance that separates it from the Western world. The work of the book State Organs awakens our conscience on an issue that we would like to forget and forces us to reflect on the boundaries between science and ethics, between scientific progress and sacredness of the individual. No progress can take place at the expense of human dignity. What is happening in China invites us to take action to defend the rights of every human being.


Professor Franco Filipponi

President of the Italian Society for Safety and Quality in Transplantation (SSQIT)