Professionals from Three Continents Express Outrage Over China’s Organ Harvesting

In the UK publication The Conservative Woman, Scottish Presbyterian minister Dr. Campbell Campbell-Jack succinctly summarizes the reasons behind the Chinese regime’s suppression and persecution of Falun Gong and other faith-based groups. He describes the “aim of the Chinese government is to crush Falun Gong… using Falun Gong as a cash crop. China’s organ transplant sector has grown dramatically. It is estimated that the trade is worth $1billion per year to the Chinese economy. To prosper it needs a steady supply of healthy organs. Systematic forced organ extraction from prisoners of conscience provides a gruesome resource for this flourishing industry.”

Australian based bioethicist Michael Cook, writing for BioEdge, details two publications supporting allegations of genocide perpetrated by the Chinese government. Robertson, Hinde and Lavee have concluded that officially reported voluntary donor data are contradictory, implausible, or anomalous.  Rogers et al. , in BMJ Open, after examining 445 research papers, call for the retraction of Chinese research articles as the “transplant research community has failed to implement ethical standards banning publication of research using material from executed prisoners.”  Cook adds that the recent judgement by an international Tribunal proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Chinese regime has committed crimes against humanity.

In American Thinker, David Archibald, Australian scientist and visiting fellow at The Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, advocates the use of trade tariffs to stop the Chinese Communist Party from building its military to the point where it can attack the United States and equates the volume of Chinese imports to US military casualties. He describes how China’s organ harvesting industry has expanded to a billion-dollar industry, selling organs form prisoners of conscience to wealthy transplant tourists from all over the world. Archibald concludes by calling the Chinese Communist Party a rogue regime whose “true nature is readily apparent. [They] are aggressive, amoral barbarians. Let’s treat them as such which starts with not allowing them into this country for any reason.”

In The Epoch Times, the Honorable David Kilgour, former Canadian politician and statesman, human rights advocate and Nobel peace prize nominee, calls for disengagement with Beijing. “Since seizing political power in 1949, the [Chinese] party-state has persecuted minorities mercilessly, instilling terror in the Chinese people.” Forced labor camps make a wide range of export products for multinational companies for world markets in a gross violation of World Trade Organization rules. “This gross corporate irresponsibility and violation of WTO rules call for an effective response by all trading partners of China.” Additionally, Kilgour points out that “transplant professionals face the abuse of transplant surgery in China, but their response has been mostly disappointing” as many western transplant professionals have fallen for Chinese propaganda. He concludes, “What is most needed from Washington, Ottawa, and other capitals is stronger political will and more sophistication in exerting universal values with Beijing on all bilateral issues, especially on organ pillaging.”