Demand for transplant organs is growing, leading to an increase in uncontrolled organ trafficking. While ethical standards provide a guiding role for ethical transplant practices, there are also countries and regions, that do not follow these international standards, opening doors for transplant abuse. DAFOH’s mission is to inform and help end forced organ harvesting, i.e. the organ procurement without prior free, voluntary and informed consent, usually resulting in the death of the organ provider. In most of the cases, the victims are vulnerable including executed prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

The World Medical Association stated in 2012:

In jurisdictions where the death penalty is practiced, executed prisoners must not be considered as organ and/or tissue donors. While there may be individual cases where prisoners are acting voluntarily and free from pressure, it is impossible to put in place adequate safeguards to protect against coercion in all cases.”

DAFOH members have contributed in many ways to inform the public and helped with transplant related legislation and resolutions in Israel, Taiwan, Australia, the European Parliament and the U.S. Congress. DAFOH doctors are keeping the medical community informed and giving them the information they need to help stop forced organ harvesting via articles in medical journals, media interviews, open letters, book publications, participation at medical conferences, as speakers at parliamentarian forums and a regular newsletter.


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