The IREF Publishes a Wake-Up Call to the West About China’s Transplant Abuses

The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues, a Paris-based think tank composed of academicians and business people, published an article on July 4 titled “Organ harvesting in China or the criminal business of a dictatorship.”

The authors began (translated from the French), “While China is often praised for its rise in the ranking of world powers or its technological and economic (epidemiological?) prowess, few make the effort to examine the danger posed by the doctrine communist advocated by the Chinese State and the immense disaster produced by this regime on a population at attention.”

They then described the ample evidence that has been amassed by independent investigators since 2009 and pointed out how the Chinese transplant industry grew exponentially after 2000 in the absence of a voluntary donation system and offers wait times for organs of just days to weeks.

The authors ask the obvious question that few in the West seems interested in answering: Where do all the organs used for transplant operations in China come from? “The answer to this question is chilling,” the authors replied. “The spectacular growth of transplants since 1999 is indeed concomitant with the massive and brutal repression, by the authorities, of the followers of Falun Gong, a practice of meditation based on traditions of health and personal development.”

The article concluded with the following statement: “The international community is silent. No doubt it is time for Western worshipers of Chinese power to open their eyes to the reality of this deadly communist ideology.”