The Squid Game Imitates China’s Real-life Organ Harvesting

The Squid Game, released by Netflix on September 17, 2021, is a game that pits players against one another in deadly battles to win a huge cash prize and has quickly become Netflix’s most-watched international show in its history. In the game, human beings are also sold for their organs. This is eerily similar to what has been happening in China for over two decades where prisoners of conscience are killed on demand for their organs in order to generate enormous profits for the Chinese regime.

Retired Australian transplant surgeon Russell Strong told the Daily Mail Australia that “many Chinese medical trainees take what they’ve learnt in the West and use it to harvest human organs back home in a terrifying ‘kill-to-order’ market that parallels a side plot in the smash hit South Korean Netflix horror series.”  Dr. Strong, who refused to train Chinese surgeons due to his concern over unethical organ procurement practices in China, has urged Western medical teaching institutions to follow his lead.

The International Business Times accused Chinese surgeons of taking part in a real-life Squid Game. Citing the June 2021 UN report, “… the UN Human Rights office also noted that health care workers, including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and others are helping Beijing in their organ harvesting program. ‘Some prisoners receive death threats and threats of their organ being harvested by the police if they do not comply with the law enforcement agencies or refuse to give up their beliefs, the statement said’.”  The article also pointed out that, “In the WHO [World Health Organization] approved process, the deceased’s organs are first matched with the most critical patient on the transplant list and who can make it in time to the hospital for the surgery. In China, however, the recipients are NOT put on a transplant list and asked to wait for their turn, instead, they have the authority to book their surgeries as per their convenience, which shows the implicit role of China’s government in supporting and allowing organ harvesting.”

An article in The Epoch Times implied that by including organ harvesting, the Korean game may actually help increase awareness of China’s unethical transplant practices.