UK Parliament creates new law against transplant tourism

Lord Hunt, author of the forced organ harvesting amendment to the Health and Care bill, was encouraged when the UK House of Lords, by a comfortable majority of a 203 to 159 vote, “showed its overwhelming cross-party support for victims of forced organ harvesting and genocide in China.” Hunt’s amendment “seeks to protect UK citizens from complicity in forced organ harvesting and organ trafficking by prohibiting UK citizens from travelling…[outside the UK] for the purpose of organ transplantation.”

Health Secretary Edward Argar presented an amended version of Lord Hunt’s bill to the House of Commons that he felt would not create “disproportionate impact on vulnerable recipients and NHS staff.”

In mid-April, the House of Commons amendment became law and was given royal assent. The new law states that British nationals will no longer be able to travel outside the UK to purchase an organ and prohibits commercial organ tourism to China, as well as other countries.