NAFOH Mission Statement

Nurses Against Forced Organ Harvesting (NAFOH) represents the nursing profession as a division of the award winning international NGO, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH). Started by nurses for nurses,
NAFOH promotes compassion, and ethical medical and nursing practices worldwide. This effort aims to respond to the urgent global call to end forced organ harvesting and advance this mission through nursing advocacy, leadership, education and disseminating truthful knowledge to guide clinicians and raise
awareness within the nursing and medical community, and the public.

NAFOH Purpose

NAFOH represents a special niche in nursing ethics, and aims to help end forced organ harvesting in China and everywhere that it may occur. Organ procurement is traditionally an altruistic, life-preserving act, but forced organ harvesting stands as a crime against humanity and erodes human rights globally.


The underlying violation of the forced organ harvesting from living people is the worst manifestation of abuse in the medical disciplines and is considered a cold genocide. Its perpetrators aim to engage nurses in collusion with crimes against humanity, subvert justice, normalize violations of self-determination, free will and voluntary, informed consent for all of humanity. Its victims in China reportedly number in the millions, the persecuted spiritual Falun Gong being the primary group since 2006.